30 days | Low Impact | Body Weight | Beginner Level

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This new 30 Day Low Impact program will help you get moving, build strength and find balance, in a gentle but effective way!

All of the workouts are low impact, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy!  Designed for beginners but perfect for anyone at any level who is looking to change up their routine.

The main training styles are strength training, functional movements, balance, stability, and flexibility. You’ll be doing a different workout video 4 days a week—no repeats.

Workouts are 4 days a week, 1 Day focused on flexibility and 2 days rest, but this program can be completed at whatever pace feels comfortable to you, to be even more beginner friendly. Even if you complete this program at a pace of 2 workouts per week, it will still be effective.

This program is focused on helping you connect mind and body, focusing in on core conditioning, breathing and gentle movements. The holistic effects of this program range greatly from helping you have more energy, sleep better, improve your mood, reduce physical tension, and decrease stress.

Workouts range between 20-30 minutes – No equipment Required.

If you are brand new to working out be sure to refer back to the Fitness Foundations Series and read through the 5 Chapters! This covers the basics of setting goals, form, posture and safety!

If you are working out with me please use #Activeforlifeonline on social media when you share your progress Follow me @ActiveForLifeOnline to find motivation, and connect with people around the world! 

This is a 30 day Move, Strength and Balance program for beginners

The Workouts in this program are all gentle and low impact bodyweight exercises that focus on improving mobility, building strength and stability, improving balance and flexibility.

Style: Functional strength training, traditional fitness, breathing techniques, and stability and flexibility training

Level: Easy/ Beginner

No Equipment Needed

No jumping (quiet and Low impact)

Time: 10-30 min workouts

What results should you expect
– Improved posture
– improved mobility
– Improved stability and balance
– Improved flexibility
– Increased energy/ Improved sleep
– feeling less stress and tense
– reduced anxiety, improved mood


30-day program (Self paced if you need longer)

Recommended schedule
– Workout 4 days a week, stretch one day, rest two

Support options
– Join the Free (private) Facebook group to seek community support. I am always there to answer questions as well

-1:1 Support – When you sign up (1 month or monthly) you can also sign up for a complimentary 45min call with me to help you set and track goals and create a plan and routine that works for you.

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How to use this plan
– Log in to your ActiveForLifeOnline.com account and Open your Training Plan
– Each day has a link to a workout video (or rest day tips and advice)
– Hit play on the video, workout and feel great!

– If you miss a day don’t skip it…stay on track if you can… a 4-week plan can be expanded to an 8-week plan if that’s what you need! 

Before you start this program

If you are new to working out I recommend the Fitness Foundations Course to start.


Please remember to always listen to and honor what your body needs. If you are feeling Stiff, sore, tired, and achy, consider taking a rest day or adding in and extra stretch session.

Rest days are just as important in your routine as the workout, because it always your muscles time to recover and grow so that they can push harder tomorrow

If you are injured, recovering from injury, pregnant or have a health condition you must consult with your physician before working out

Warm-up and cool down

Please never skip over the warm-up and cool-down portion. These are essential for your muscles and joints, to prevent injury and pain during and after exercise.

Stretch Days

I have put in a stretch day at the end of each week and not only should you never skip it, but you should also consider adding a few more during the week. Stretching helps you, of course, improve your flexibility but it also helps your muscles relax, reducing tension and pain, improve your mobility, and help improve your posture.

What do I do when the program is over

20 Min Basic Core Workout 

This 20 Min flow starts with a gentle standing warm up, then moves down to the floor for 6 Core Workouts. I consider these moves to be “basics” because they are the starting foundations to many other, more advanced moves. 

30 Min Core + Balance Workout 

This is what I call my balance calibration flow. It’s an easy beginners workout that takes you through 3 simple balance challenges and then moves down to the floor for some planks. 

Balance is an essential component of movement and by working to improve it you will be targeting some lesser used stability muscles and improve joint integrity. 

25 Min Core and Glute Workout 

This workout focuses on the core and stability muscles around your pelvis with a combination of standing, balance and floor workouts. It will have your booty feeling strong!  

15 Min Core and Arms workout 

This plank filled flow challenegs your upper body, core and balance. Easy to modify for wrist issues.  

25 min Full Body Stretch 

Exercises that lengthen and stretch muscles can help you prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems.

Well-stretched muscles can move easily through its full range of motion which helps to improve every day movements such as reaching, bending, or stooping.

Stretching can be a great way to get moving in the morning or relax after a long day reducing your stress and body tension. 

It’s Your Rest Day 

Rest days are actually one of the most important days in your fitness routine! It gives your muscles time to recover and rebuild from the training you did all week!  

Mentally it can be difficult to take a break, especially if you are worried about loosing ground, but I promise you, one day won’t ruin your progress. 

If you struggle with just resting, try some “active rest”. A gentle activity that doesn’t stress the muscles, but gets your joints and muscles moving. For example: walking, yoga, bike riding, swimming etc.  

20 Min Full Body Stability 

Stability exercises focus on the muscles in the back, hips and core. This workouts engages the full body. 

15 min Arm and Shoulder Stability

This 15 min workout focuses on upper body stability through your Arms and shoulders. Stability is the ability to maintain proper joint position and control during movement if your core is stable, movements in joints further from your core are better. In other words, stability makes you less injury prone. For the shoulder joint, the better your shoulder stability, the better your shoulder, elbow, and hand mobility will be.

20 Min Core Stability

Your core has two main functions 1) to support the spine  2) to support the limbs, and weight against gravity. Having a strong, stable core helps us to prevent injuries and allows us to perform at our best.

15 Min Hip Stability

Today’s workout is short and focused on holding positions and small pulsing movements, making it a little more gentle on the joints in your knees and hips!

A strong and capable lower body can help improve posture and prevent injury, as well as make daily tasks like walking, running, jumping, and lunging much easier. Whether you love leg day, or it’s not your cup of tea – you should learn to love it – as strength training for your lower body has loads of benefits you don’t want to pass up on.

25 Min Lower Body Stretch

This 20 min lower body stretch focuses on the relaxing the muscles in the lower back and opening the hips. Lower Body muscle imbalances are a big contributor too and one of the more common types of chronic pain.

It’s rest day again! If you are looking for something to do, take some time to focus on food! 

Take today to plan out your meal plan for the rest of the week, grocery shop and do some prep. A little time today will save you a bunch of time later! 


  • Chopping Veggies 
  • Pack Snack Bags 
  • Prepare salads 
  • Cook dinners 
  • Pack lunches 
  • make sauces or dips like Hummus! 

20 Min Full Body Mobility

Mobility is the bodies ability to move through full range of motion (without pain and stiffness) under the bodies own muscle power. Regular and purposeful movement transforms the energy of your life from an experience that you’ve had into energy that you can use! If you’re not moving, your energy gets stuck and creates blocks and tension in the physical body, which can lead to emotion mental and spiritual blocks.

This 20 Min Full body workout focuses on moving fully through your range of motions, challenging your mobility while building strength through movement. 

20 min Upper Body Mobility 

This upper body mobility workout takes your arms through their full range of motion, strengthening the chest, shoulder, back and arms. 

Your arms move on a ball and socket joint giving them a wide range of motion. They lift, they carry and they hold all that is important to you. Focusing on upper body mobility ensure that you will always be able to carry what you need. 

30 Min Lower Body Mobility 

These Lower body mobility exercises focus on improving strength and range of motion through the hip and knee joints. The workouts chosen for this video are gentle on the knees. 

25 Min Core Mobility 

This Core Mobility workout focuses on full range of motion movements that strengthen you back, chest, shoulders and hips, helping to stabilize your core so that you can move comfortably through the day!

15 Min Upper Body Stretch 

Our necks, shoulders and back muscles are becoming chronically tight and weak from hours spent sitting, looking down at our phones, screens and key boards. This can cause headaches, soreness in neck and shoulders and change in skeletal shape! These issues if not attended to can turn into added stress, poor sleep and lack of concentration. 

Rest day! 

Rest days are a great chance to do some planning and organizing! Lay out your week ahead, and look back and review the weeks past. The best way to make progress is learning from your experiences. 

  • Set your goals for the next week. 
  • Write down the habits you want to focus your attention on. 
  • Schedule your workouts. 
  • Make sure that your health is a number one priority always! 

Core Strength 

Your Core is The Center of it all and it deserves as much attention as you can give it. If your core is weak, the rest will be weak! 

Lower Body Strength 

This workout will help you strengthen your lower back, hips, glutes and legs with a gentle Low impact flow. Your lower body is responsible for so much of your balance and stability. Strengthening these muscles can also help prevent lower back pain, injury and postural imbalances. 

Upper Body Strength

Building upper body strength will not only make it easier to lift heavy things but it will also Improve your posture while sitting and standing, Improve  your posture and form during physical activities and reduces the risk of injuries to your shoulders, neck and back. 

20 Min Full Body Strength Flow

With a combination of holds and full mobility movements this gentle workout will have your muscles burning!

30 Min Meditation and restorative stretch

For this workout you will need to have a couple of pillows or a bolster that you can comfortably lay over top of. 

We start off with a quick meditative check in with your body and then move into a few laying positions to passively stretch out our full body, especially through the spine. 

Rest days – Do something that makes you happy! 

Rest days are a day to recoup and feed your soul! Take time to connect with the people around you and do something that makes you happy! 

  • Read a book 
  • Do a craft 
  • Write in your journal 
  • Walk with a friend 
  • watch a good movie 
  • Clean up your house 
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee 🙂 

Core Balance 

This Core Balance flow combines variations of squats, balances and core workouts to help you improve your core stability. 

Full Body Plank Series 

Planks are one of my favourite go to workouts because they are a gentle, full body workout. There are so many variations so you will never get bored and they can be adapted for almost any fitness level. 

Full Body Flow workout 

A quick and easy routine that you don’t even have to get up for! Targets a variety of muscles in the body. Perfect for beginners. 

20 Min Full Body Mobility 

Exercise isn’t just about toning, muscle building and shaping. Sometimes that’s not what your body needs at all, and on those days we focus on movement. Happy, relaxing movement!

How to foam roll 

A foam roller is exactly what it sounds like: a dense roll of foam, or sometimes hard plastic, that you can use to help relieve the the tension and help heal and prevent injuries. 

Read more… 

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the 30 day course! I’m so Proud of you! 

So What’s Next? 

Well you have a monthly membership so you can hang out and check out all the other awesome workouts in the on demand library! Maybe try another Training Program? 

If you’re looking for something a little more personalized, let’s talk about one to one Virtual Personal Training! 

Of course either way, Please join the Active for Life Facebook Community and join the fun and challenges we have going on all the time! 

Week 1 - Core Conditioning

Working on building a strong core should always be the first step on your fitness journey. Most people think of the core as just your abs but your core consists of all the muscle in the trunk of your body. This includes the chest, back, and hip muscles, as well as the abs. 

The core can be broken up into three sections. Upper, center, and lower core. The muscles of your abdominal are all interlaced with the muscles in your shoulder girdle and the hips. When you are able to train these muscles to all work together in sync, you will really get the most out of your workouts.

Week 2 - Stability

These stability workouts will further challenge the muscles in your core, and back, while also challenging your balance. 

Strengthening your stability muscles help to reduce your chance of injury, more with more grace. it can also help you improve your posture giving you the strength and flexibility to stand up tall. 

Week 3 - Mobility

Most people know what flexibility is, but often, people confuse this with mobility. There is a difference between the two. Flexibility is when you are able to lift or move your limb further with assistance.

Where as with good mobility, you are able to control the whole range of motion with just the muscles. Mobility refers to the strength of the muscle through their range of motion. For example, you would be able to control the entire movement of the leg with just the leg muscles.

Week 4 - Strength

Strength train is a crucial component to any effective workout routine. Building strength has many benefits aside from the obvious, having more strength! 

Strength training can help you correct your posture, strengthen your bone, elevate pain and reduce stress and tension. 

Body weight strength training is a simple and effective method for beginners to kickstart their new routine, they are easy and require nothing but a little space. 

Week 5 - Review + Foam Rolling

For the Last week of our 30 day program we will be putting together everything we learnt with some fun and challenging workouts! 

I have also added in a tutorial on foam rolling! this is a simple therapeutic massage technique that you can do at home to help relieve pain and reduce tension.