Fitness Foundations

Welcome to your best life

So, you have decided to start exercising? Congrats! You have taken the first step to living your best life, being healthy and happy? Because why do it if it’s not to make you feel better?? I know that we all wish there was a magic pill out there that could solve all our problems in life, but there isn’t (yet… that I know of…) but there is good old exercise. The magic of movement trumps all the other pills out there, and the side effects are more energy, improved strength and mobility, reduced pain, improved mood and boost in confidence, a long with a very long list of other positive things! Only negative is that you will never just be ok with being lazy again!  

So if you are completely new to this whole “working out” concept, you are in the right place! This beginners series consists of 4 educational classes and 3 short workout programs. This is designed to give you the best start on your new journey towards a healthier happier life. 

Remember that Consistency is KEY! If your looking for resources to help you plan your new healthy life check out the Tool Kit. 

If it’s Accountability and Motivation that you need – Visit the Community Page! Join any time! New challenges run every month! 

If at any time you have questions about the beginners program, feel free to post there and if you feel like you could use a little more personal support check out my coaching options HERE! 



Strong Core Basics