Welcome to the start of your fitness journey!

You are taking a big step and you will be forever grateful that you did! Adding consistent exercise and physical activity to your daily life can change the way you feel, move, and think! Exercise can play a positive role in every area of your life, not just your physical ability.

Benefits Include but are not limited to:

Improved functioning & mobility Weight control
Stronger muscles
Stronger bones
Improved posture
Reduce pain
Improved self-esteem
Increased energy
Reduced stress
Decreased symptoms of aging
Reduce disease and illness
Decreased Depression and Anxiety
The first step to every successful fitness journey is determining your WHY. Your reason for doing! The thing that will motivate you and keep you going. Whether you are working out for your overall health, disease prevention, mental health, or a tight tush, you have to really want and stay focused on it to push you forward!

Get Motivated

This is one of the most commonly mentioned barriers that people feel they have to get in better shape, so I wanted to touch on it for a moment here.

Motivation is defined as the reason that you do what you do. So if you feel that you have no motivation to start working out and live a healthier lifestyle, you are saying you have no reason to, and I bet that changes the way you think about it (if not please scroll back up to the list of benefits!)

Often we say motivation when what we really mean is energy, desire, interest, or ability. If it is one of those reasons, the way to fix it is a lot different.

If This Sounds like you – make sure to read the activity motivation cycle

Making your Fitness Plan Work For You

It is so important that your health plan suits you and your lifestyle. Don’t just get hung up on the latest fad or trend, it might not be for you.

When you are starting a new program it is important to remember that this is your journey and to not compare it to anyone else’s.

There is a lot of mixed opinions out there on what you should do to achieve certain goals. There is no one way to get fit. There is no one workout that will work for everyone or diet that will meet all people’s needs.

Unfortunately, that means that there is going to be a little bit of trial and error when it comes to finding what works for you. You have to have patience and be sure that you are listening to your body.

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Whatever you do, do it because you value your health. Exercise is an important self-care step that is often overlooked! Setting aside time to exercise is setting aside time for yourself, to focus on your wants and needs. Movement is healing, as it calms stress, depression, and improves your immune system, helping you fight for your health as naturally as possible.

The most important tip of all that I can give you is to make it fun for yourself. If you are trying to force yourself to do something that you hate, do you really think you are likely to stick to the plan?

“Exercise” doesn’t have to be all about lifting weights or doing push-ups either. It can be an active game played outside with your kids, or a walk with your friends, or a swim in the lake; as long as you are moving your body, it is beneficial!

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