Program Details

Length: Self paced – Optional 1, 2 or 3 month calendars  

Avg. Class Duration: under 30 mins 

Difficulty: 1 – 3/5 

Body Focus: Upper Body + Full Body  

Equipment: Dumbbell + Resistance Bands 

Training Type: Strength, Mobility, Cardio + Flexibility 


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Sit and Get Fit

Strength, Mobility, Cardio + Flexibility From Your Chair

Come, pull up a chair, and work out with me! This program is self-paced, flexible, adaptable, and designed for people of all abilities! 

Choose the Program that is right for you!

The Sitting Strong Program is actually two different programs that are fairly similar in their makeup but focus on different areas of the body. The upper body program is mostly focused on the muscles in the back, shoulders, arms, and neck, but does engage some core. The Full Body program engages everything from head to toe, but you do remain sitting! 

Seated workouts are beneficial if you have a disability, limited mobility, chronic pain, illness, or an injury. They can be great if you are feeling unbalanced, unwell, fatigued, or just stiff and sore. And even more, they are perfect for small spaces, limited equipment, working out at the office or while traveling. Seated workouts are for all bodies! 

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