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I believe fitness and yoga should be accessible to everyone, everywhere which is why my library of low-impact workouts is available free on Youtube and in the On-Demand Library! 

With new videos added ever week, you will always find something new to help you Stay Active! 

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Movement is good for every body, but every body is unique and moves differently. The Movement Library contains Tutorials, Modifications, Progressions, and Adaptions to help you make your workout work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My workouts are short and low impact to accomadate busy schedules and low energy. I focus on the overall wellness benefits of working out, rather then the body image. I have programs that are perfect for beginners or those returning to fitness. Also if you have pain caused by posture issues, back pain (muscle), injury, inactivity, joint issues or other chronic but not severe illness and disability, these programs might be right for you! 

Not recommended. A Physiotherapist can do so much more for you then just tell you how to workout, and if you have been advised to seek physio treatment, you should. However due to cost, time and limitation physiotherapy can only take you so far! That’s when my programs come in. When you leave physio, it is always a good idea to ask them what they recommend as far as movement, stretching, and strengthening and be sure to follow their advice

Don’t stress! All my programs are created to be self paced and easy to follow. I move slow and allow for rest time. I never expect my clients to push past what they feel able to do and always encourage a practice of no comparisons and no judgement!! 

payment can be made through PayPal to keep it simple and secure for you! You can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

If you are looking for more one on one guidance option I also offer Online personal training. If you go to the coaching tab you will find all the information you need! 

I am fairly confident that you will find my programs useful, but if it ends up not being your thing, you can cancel at anytime. You also start off with a 7 day free trial to get to know the site before paying. 

All content on this site is created by Randi Pullar, CPT. If you would like to learn more, please visit the about me page. 

Finding the motivation to workout when you are living with chronic pain is difficult and I get that. Book a free Strategy call anytime and we can discuss creating a plan that works for you! 

All workouts on Active For Life Online are short to save you time and energy! Most videos are 20 minutes or under!