Program Details

Length: 4 Weeks

Avg. Class Duration: under 30 mins 

Days per Week: 4 Days a Week + 1 Stretch Day 

Difficulty: 3-4

Body Focus: Full Body 

Equipment: Dumbbell + Resistance Bands 

Training Type: Strengthen, Mobility, Stability 

Build Your Strength

Low Impact | Strength + Stability | Hand Weights + Bands

This program is a combination of functional strength workouts that incorporate bodyweight, hand weights and resistance bands. The workouts get progressively harder as the weeks go on. If a workout is too hard, please repeat that week until they are easier, and then carry on!

What results to expect

  • Increased Strength
  • Improved posture
  • improved mobility
  • Improved stability and balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased energy/ Improved sleep
  • feeling less stressed and tense
  • reduced anxiety, improved mood

Recommended schedule

  • W/O 4 days a week, stretch one day, rest two
  • If you are looking to take it a little slower, workout every second day. 

1:1 Support – When you sign up (1 month or monthly) you can also sign up for a complimentary 45min call with me to help you set and track goals and create a plan and routine that works for you. Book a Call Here 

** Continued coaching calls can be booked of course 😉

How to use this plan

  • Sign up for a monthly or yearly Membership.
  • Log into your account and Open the Training Plan
  • Choose the Start Here Button at the Top of this page to go to the course. 
  • Hit play on the video, workout, and feel great!

Before you start this program


Please remember to always listen to and honor what your body needs. If you are feeling Stiff, sore, tired, and achy, consider taking a rest day or adding in an extra stretch session.

Rest days are just as important in your routine as the workout, because it always your muscles time to recover and grow so that they can push harder tomorrow

If you are injured, recovering from injury, pregnant, or have a health condition you must consult with your physician before working out

Never Skip the Warm-up and cool downs

These are essential for your muscles and joints, to prevent injury and pain during and after exercise.

Stretch Days

I have put in a stretch day at the end of each week and not only should you never skip it, but you should also consider adding a few more during the week. 

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