Program Details

Length: 30 day – Self Paced  

Avg. Class Duration: 10 – 30 mins  

Days per Week: 4-5 days 

Difficulty: 2-4

Body Focus: Full Body 

Equipment: None – Body Weight Only 

Training Type: Strength, Stability, Mobility, Balance

Let's Get Moving

Movement is healing, energizing, and therapeutic. Our bodies are made for it, we crave it, and it fuels us! Movement is LIFE!

This 30 day program for beginners is focused helping you on improving mobility, building strength and stability, improving balance and flexibility. No equipment necessary! 

Added Bonus! It is also a quiet, apartment friendly program!

Workouts range between 10-30 min workouts which also makes them great for a busy lifestyle!

What results should you expect
– Improved posture
– improved mobility
– Improved stability and balance
– Improved flexibility
– Increased energy/ Improved sleep
– feeling less stress and tense
– reduced anxiety, improved mood


All my Programs are Self-paced! The course is laid out as a 30-day program but you can download a 2 or 3-month option to take it a little slower. Examples below ⬇️

Are you new to working out?? The first step to every successful fitness journey is determining your WHY. Your reason for doing! The thing that will motivate you and keep you going. Whether you are working out for your overall health, disease prevention, mental health, or a tight tush, you have to really want and stay focused on the goal to push you forward!

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