Have you ever dreamed you could have a Personal Trainer in your pocket?


As a Virtual Personal Trainer, I can meet you WHEREVER you are so that you can stay on track, and working out can be easy and convenient for you!

I can create a workout program that is specific to your goals and needs and create a schedule that works for you.

Reach your goals faster, gain strength, feel amazing.

With Coaching I can also help you modify your lifestyle to focus on creating balance between Life and Health so that it doesn’t always have to feel so stressful!

“It is my mission to help woman embrace movement, build strength and create a balanced, healthy lifestyle”

Virtual Personal Training

When we work together we will talk face to face (or screen to screen!) and you will have the chance to tell me all about your wants and needs for a fitness program, and we will go over your goals and expectations in order to create a program that really works for you! 

It's Easy and Convenient

Get all this without having to pay gym fees, find a babysitter, or deal with the commute.

I create functional fitness programs that you can do at home with the equipment that you have available 

I help you stay consistent and accountable with affordable Online training sessions and support anytime through text and email.

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Book Your Free 30 minute call with me, and let’s talk about what you want out of a workout plan.


  • Let's Chat and talk about your goals

Whether you are still not sure if Virtual Personal Training is for you, or you’re ready to take the leap and start your fitness journey, We will start off with a free call to chat! 

How I can help 

  • Get clear on your goals. 
  • Help plan out your day to fit your workout in
  • Find adaptions and modifications for your current workouts
  • Recommend a few exercises to target certain areas 
  • Answer any fitness related questions you might have

1 Month

$350 /first month
  • Kick Start Your Life Training Package
  • Following months 230$/month

Start With Your FREE Strategy call!

What you get: 

  • Full Fitness assessment to determine baseline 

  • Customized workout plan (delivered online so that you can workout anytime) 

  •  Video or PDF instructions 

  • Customized wellness plan to ensure that you take the best care of yourself you can.

  • Once a week phone/video Training
  •  Anytime access to ask questions through Chat and Email. 

  • Online progress tracking 

3 Months

  • The Active For Life Training Package
  • Save 100$

Create a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Start With Your FREE Strategy Call

Each following month I will help you progress and stay on track towards your goals. This is not just a short term, get it done kind of thing. Your healthy is a journey that you will be on for life! 

  • Updated workout plans 
  • continues progress tracking 
  • continued anytime support 
  • re – evaluate goals every 2-3 months 
Book 6 Months ahead for 1900$ (save 200$) 

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