My Programs Are 100% Focused on your Health + Happiness

I believe that getting “fit” is about more than weight loss, beauty standards, and body shame! I want to see “fitness” to be about HEALTH again.

I think that access to health and fitness support is a basic human right. My mission is to break down the barriers that can stand in the way. I want to take out the discomfort and judgment that has been normal in the fitness industry and build a place that feels safe, accepting, and all-inclusive.

My dream is to create a place where people of all abilities, experience levels, and health background

“It is my mission to help you embrace movement, build strength and create a balanced, healthy lifestyle”

Making Yoga and Fitness accessible to all types of bodies has been my goal from the beginning. I am passionate about breaking down barriers and helping my clients learn ways to move that works for their bodies! 

When you are dealing with chronic pain, illness, or limited mobility, it can be hard enough to manage your health, and the pressure to stay “fit” can feel overwhelming. Healthy looks different to every person and varying abilities require unique approaches. I can help you adapt your workout, your mindset and get on the right path towards body confidence and self-love. Together we can create a routine focused on using movement to build functional strength, improve mobility, balance, and stability, and hopefully help you reduce pain and move better!  

Keep scrolling to learn more about how my online services can help make working out comfortable and convenient for you, and my packages are customizable to suit your schedule 😉 



I create programs to fit your life! Helping you build sustainable habits and routines.


No need to travel, find a sitter or get a gym pass. Heck, you can work out in your PJ's if you want!

Comfortable + Safe

Have total control of your environment, staying active where you feel most safe and comfortable.


I create adaptions and modifications to make your workout work for you, whatever your needs might be.

How It Works

First, we meet...

and get to know each other because we are going to be working closely together! I want to hear all about your experiences with fitness and movement, what you feel is holding you back, and where you see yourself going with this fitness journey. 

Then we see where you are at!

with an in-depth fitness, assessment to get a baseline on your strength, cardio, balance, endurance, and flexibility. My programs start where you are at and help you progress comfortably from there. 

workout routine planning

Next We Get Active!

I will create a program for you, focused on your goals, schedule, and fitness levels! We will work together through video calls to ensure that you are moving with proper posture and form.

And You Choose Your Level of Support

Everyone is different in how they move, and the level of support that they need from their coach. You are always in control of your training session. Workout with me twice a week or twice a month. Whatever feels right for you.

*Optional Short Sessions to fit Busy Schedules*

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Choose from a variety of Strength Training, Mobility, Balance, and LIIT Circuits and recover and relax with Yoga + Stretch classes, all designed to fit your needs. 

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