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Fitness Philosophy

I believe that getting “fit” is about more than weight loss, beauty standards, and body shame! I want to see “fitness” to be about HEALTH again.

I think that access to health and fitness support is a basic human right. My mission is to break down the barriers that can stand in the way. I want to take out the discomfort and judgment that has been normal in the fitness industry and build a place that feels safe, accepting, and all-inclusive.

My dream is to create a place where people of all abilities, experience levels, and health backgrounds can come to focus on breathing, movement, strength, and balance.

Hello my name is Randi

I have been working in the fitness industry for 2 years, and in the health and human services industry for over a decade. When I went to college (the first time) I just knew that I wanted to help people, so I got my Human Service Worker Diploma. This is when I first discovered the lack of fitness and recreational supports for people facing physical and mental barriers.

This is also when I started my fitness journey and had to start looking into what was available, and what I found was mostly messages that my body needed to change. I mean, I felt like I could be stronger, but I liked its shape just fine, thank you! I also discovered the therapeutic effect that exercise can have. When I stayed active I had more energy, felt less stress and anxiety, and was better able to focus in class. It reduced the pain and tension I was experiencing from the over the sedentary lifestyle of a student and I felt like an overall happier person!

I decided after a couple of years that I wanted to further pursue my passion for physical health as well as helping support those facing barriers and went back to school. I took a diploma course as a Therapist Assistant where I learned about the healing properties of exercise, the ways to modify and adapt movements for varying abilities, how to think creatively when it comes to props and mobility aids, and how the mind-body connection plays a role in our well-being.

After graduation I got certified as a personal trainer through CFES, further increasing my knowledge and understanding of health and fitness and allowing me to work 1:1 with clients to help them get active

About Active For Life Online

There are a lot of options out there when you are going into the fitness industry, but nothing ever felt right to me. I knew that to stay true to my values I would have to set out on my own. I decided Virtual Personal Training, alongside an Online Fitness Studio was my best bet at providing the services that were needed in the most accessible way possible.

Virtual Personal Training

Training online through the use of video calls, online trackers, text, and email allows me to reach my clients ( and for them to reach me) any time anywhere. It cuts out travel for both of us which means you get to work out where you feel safe and comfortable and without having the barrier of transportation or inaccessible spaces, and I can give the savings back to you! I am also able to be a little more flexible with times and sudden changes.

If you want to learn more about my coaching packages CLICK HERE.

Online Fitness Studio

Helping one person at a time just doesn’t feel like enough! This is why I wanted to create a membership space that can help guide you on your fitness journey while giving you the freedom to go at your own pace. The VIP Studio has Training plans, printable and digital planners, and trackers. The beginners’ Series will help you with the basic knowledge that you need to know and a series of workouts that are perfect for just starting out.

The Training plans use the workouts in the free Video Library which is updated weekly with new workouts so there is always something new to keep you Active!

It is also my promise to you to always offer the online fitness studio at an affordable price, because of all things, money should never be a barrier to fitness.


If you are considering participating in a new exercise program following the information found on this site, please read the disclaimer HERE 

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Certified Personal Trainer

Certified through CFES - Canadian Fitness Education Services

Therapist Assistant Diploma

Diploma as a Therapist Assistant through Okanagan College

Continued Education

- Actively Ageing Certificate
-Functional Training Certificate - Fusion Workouts Certificate