Resetting your Mind Body + Soul

With Low Impact Workouts, Habits and Routine

Welcome to the Project Reset Program! A 6 week deep dive into your life, routine, habits, and patterns, to realigning them with your wellness goals.

This Mindset + Fitness course is focused on helping you create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Sign in each day for your Mindset challenge/ journaling prompt to help you check in with your goals, wants needs and desires, and create a wellness plan around your priorities.

All that while also kickstarting your fitness journey with 8 rotating, low impact workouts, and walking challenges! These 30 min workouts are focused on helping you build strength and improve your endurance, which will boost your energy, and help you move better.

Reset your mind and body in 6 weeks and get all the tools that you need to carry on living a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

What to expect!

Traditional Circuit Style Bodyweight Workouts 

When you join you will get access to 8 Low Impact Bodyweight circuit-style workouts. These workouts repeat through the program to help you develop the skills and muscles you need to move efficiently. Each workout is made up of 6 repeating exercises that you will go through for 3 rounds (avg. 10 reps. Each Workout repeats 2 – 3 times each over the 6 weeks. 

Cardio Challenges

While the workouts will help you build strength, I would like to also encourage you to get out and move! The cardio challenges are focused on walking, but of course, you can bike, hike or swim. Whatever feels most comfortable to you! The challenge is all about going the distance! Of course, everything is optional. Go as far as you can and keep pushing yourself to get a little farther each day! 

Habits, Routine and Mindset

These are the key to success. This course gives you access to the downloadable planner pages to help you set your goals and track your progress.

Of course, the first habit that you are working on is signing in to the program every day. Each day throughout the 6 weeks. You will get a habit, routine, or mindset tip to help you reset your life! 

Get Support

Changing your life isn’t easy! This program will give you all the tools to help guide you along the way. But of course, if you ever get stuck or need a little accountability, we can always work together! 

I offer virtual personal training that is easy, convenient, and flexible! Click the button below to visit the workout with me page! 

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