What Is Virtual Personal Training

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What Is Virtual Personal Training and What's In It For You

virtual personal training

Online training is still relatively new, and with the recent pandemic, it has become more popular than ever. It’s a simple, cost-effective, and convenient way to get the fitness support that you need in a safe way! 

But how does it actually work? 

Personally, I have been working online with my clients over the past year and I have to say it works really well! 

Now all trainers have their own setup and way of doing things, so of course, I can only speak for myself. 

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I have so many reasons why I got into training online. On the top of the list I loved the freedom that it gives to me and my clients. It doesn’t matter where I am, or where you are… we can connect (as long as there is wifi) 

Consistency is so important on your fitness journey, and this eliminates a lot of the things that might throw off your routine. I can be more adaptable and flexible to work around your busy life! 

Online Training also keeps both our costs down! You don’t have to pay for a gym membership, babysitting, transportation, etc and I don’t have my costs dictated by a gym (so I can pass the savings to you). 


Nope! I keep my systems as simple as possible… because to be honest, I don’t have a ton of tech knowledge. 

We connect Via Video – whatever works well for you. I use Zoom or Messenger mostly. It’s like watching a workout video that can correct your form and posture. I will teach you the workouts, all the safety precautions and watch you as you move through them.

And that’s all you really need! 

I can send you videos of your workouts, or written programs if desired. No Apps to download, or log into. I will help you track your progress AND progress your workout as you go. I am with you, all the way!

I know it seems weird to be so low tech in this high tech world, but I believe that fitness is about connecting with your body, and I want to help facilitate that the best I can. I think that too much digital disruption can block that.


One of the benefits I enjoy offering my clients is that I can be there to support you when you need (well I sleep to but I’m only human). Text and email messaging can help you get support whenever you need it. Gotta question? Ask it! Need some motivation? I’ll send it! 

Embarking on a journey is always more fun with a friend! 

I think that the biggest benefit my clients get is accountability. You have an appointment, an investment, and someone to help you stay motivated. 


The best thing about it is that it can be right for anyone! Stay at home mom? yep, it’s for you! A nurse working crazy shifts? Yep, it’s for you too! Traveling blogger? I’ll be right there with you! 

My specialty – because we all have a niche – is at home fitness programs for women looking to build strength, move better and find balance. I can work with home equipment, no equipment, small spaces, and quiet spaces (apartment and condos). I have also spent a lot of time learning how to modify workouts for limited mobility and injury! 

So if you feel like virtual personal training might be right for you, and you feel ready to embark on your own fitness journey, let’s chat! I start off every new client with a free consult to get to know each other!  

Visit my coaching page or fill out the form below! 

Stay active Friends! 


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