How to Stay Active This Winter

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How To Stay Active This Winter

The winter season is here again and that means cold dark mornings, short days and for most of us, COLD!

This is the most demotivating list of environmental factors! the simple change of season has the power to take the wind right out from under my wings every year! The worst!

These days I am proud to say that I know it’s coming and I am able to prepare for it. No lie, October was a little rocky, but I have made it through, with love and respect for myself and I am feeling strong and ready for anything.

We all know this winter season is going to be a little different than most, and that’s ok! What is happening right now, is probably not forever (knock on wood), but for now, we are going to focus on how we can not only Stay Active, while also Staying Safe!

5 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

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Workout at Home

Well of course you knew this one would be on here since that’s what I am all about, but let me tell you why working out at home is preferable this year especially!

I don’t really want to dis gyms, because that feels sleazy, but let’s be realistic. They are a great place to spread germs all over! Heavy breathing, small spaces, and sharing equipment… yuck. They have their obvious benefits but use them at your own risk.

When you workout at home you don’t have to pack up a bag, waste time on travel, touch anything that anyone else has touched, or shower in a public bathroom. Are you sold yet! I am!


If you are looking for at-home workout inspiration, please check out the On-demand Library! Not a Member (yet)? Check out the New FREE Library!

Neighborhood Walks

This is a great time of year to get out and explore your neighborhood! The trees are turning and the air is so fresh! Love it! You don’t need to go far, and it might start out feeling chilly, but if you keep up a good pace, you will warm up!

Make sure that you go out with the right gear! Stay warm and wear good shoes (Especially if it’s icy).

oh and the perfect quote of a city at night, covered in fresh snow. It’s heavenly.


Explore the Snowy Trails with Snowshoes

Want something a little more adventurous? Why not walk the trails in a pair of snowshoes. They can be relatively inexpensive and available for rent at most hills!

If you’ve never tried it before, it is not difficult. mostly just hiking in snow, with slightly less chance of sinking to your waist in snow. It is an amazing workout!

Pick up the Pace With Skis

Not into walking in the snow.. that’s fair? Maybe try strapping on some skis (or snowboard)? If you live near a hill, you really should try at least once.

Last winter my husband and I learned to ski together, and it was a lot of fun! I wasn’t horrible at it, but honestly… flying down a mountain isn’t really my style. This year I plan to try out some more cross country skiing, as I think that will be more my pace!

Try Something New

Ok so I talked about working out at home in regards to not being in the gym, but there are other benefits too. There is so much out there, that I feel confident guaranteeing you will find some style of movement that suits your needs.

Try a new style of dance, yoga, pilates, or barre. Order a weight set and start lifting or maybe step aerobics. Why not!? If you haven’t found the style that you like yet, start exploring, because there is something for everyone.


Don’t get the seasonal blues to get you down this year and don’t wait for the new year to set resolutions. Start getting active today.

If you are looking for some support getting active this year, but you want to stay, safe, at home, let’s chat! As a virtual personal trainer, I can meet with you, wherever you are! I work with my clients to create a plan that fits their life, space, and time!

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