Systems Vs Goals

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Systems Vs Goals

Today I want to talk to you about Goals vs Systems and how to best create the active lifestyle that you so crave.

I started out like most believing that I needed to set goals that I would work towards, and in a way, I wasn’t wrong, but it was more complicated than that.

Setting goals is always a good idea. especially if those goals excite you, challenge you, and motivate you. But a goal by definition needs to be specific, measurable, and have a deadline to go with it.

“get in shape” “get fit” & “get healthy” are not clear goals!

They also don’t really have a deadline. Ideally, if the goal is to live a healthy active life, you will be working towards this until the day you die. You can of course break them down into more clearly defined goals like:

“I want to lift 100lbs” or “I want to run a 5k”

but with goals like those, once you get there you will want to push yourself farther. Again this is good.. but you end up always working towards something, never feeling fully accomplished.

For this, you need a SYSTEM

The system is the micro-movements that you make every day towards that ultimate goal. The daily workouts and walks. Making sure that you get enough water and good food.

With the right system, instead of only feeling successful when you make it to that ultimate goal, you win every day you take the right steps!


Everyone you ask will give you a different answer when asked what healthy means to them. To some, it’s feeling physically strong, able to run up the stairs and do a chin up. to others, it might simply be the absence of disease or healing from an injury.

For me, I have 3 ultimate goals –

Building strength – which helps my body function better and gives me the energy and ability to do all the things I need to do in a day.

Improving mobility – which helps relieve tension and pain in my muscles and joints, and

Creating balance – finding the happy medium between active and rest, and making it all work with the rest of my life.

Workout with me!

My daily routine or system includes home workouts that are usually under 30 minutes (because I am a busy woman!), daily walks with my pup, and stretching and mobility work in the evening.

Your routine might look a lot different, depending on what you are able to do, what you like to do, and what you have the time to do.

Please know that keeping a fitness routine doesn’t have to take up several hours every day, but personally, I do believe that you should do SOMETHING every day!

Now after about 8 years of focusing much of my time and attention on fitness, educating myself, and getting a certification as a personal trainer … it is easy for me to put together the workouts that I like and want to do… but if you do not have the experience, I highly recommend working with a trainer, either myself or someone in your area or to help you put together a workout program that works for you.

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Whatever your exercise routine looks like though, it’s all about making a plan and dedicating the time to do the damn thing.


How do you do that? I’m so glad you asked! This is where I would like to introduce you to the best tool in my kit for creating a system that keeps me moving forward every day!


The bullet journal system – originally developed by a man named Ryder Caroll – consists of a plain notebook and a lot of lists!

If you know anything about bullet journaling, you will know that the world has really taken this very simple system and run with it. It’s gotten very creative and I admit that I LOVE that part of the system… But it really doesn’t have to be something super fancy.

SO… using this system to plan your activity is really very simple.

At the beginning of every journal, I have a year at a glance page. With calendars to mark out all the holidays and big events. It’s important to always keep looking forward. know ahead of time when you’re going to need to adjust plans.

Not CANCEL PLANS – Adjust plans.

Then I look at the month ahead of me. This again depends on what kind of program you are following… if you’re on a 6 – or 12-week plan – adjust accordingly.

I create my calendar and layout my schedule for the month, adjusting the days that I plan to workout with any events that are coming up. I like to work out at least 4 – 5 times a week (the other days are usually filled with active rest like activities)

Then we go weekly – where I highly recommend that you actually schedule in your workouts, just like you would any other appointment!

When you are working towards a goal you have to COMMIT to the plan and DEDICATE the time.

I like to use a layout with a time tracker so that I can schedule what time I plan to workout and on which days.

Now as you go forward… it’s all on autopilot.

You have a workout plan.

You have a schedule

and now you just do the damn thing, and then every day you check off that your workout is done, you have accomplished your goal for the day, you can feel proud and celebrate! You are winning!

Oh, and it is SO satisfying to check off that little box and say it’s done!

Goals are great… but a good system is what really gets you where you are going!

Again I realize that it’s not all about the exercise. there are far more factors that go into living a healthy life, and if you hit subscribe now, you will catch all the videos I put out in the near future on this topic!

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I would love to hear what your system is like if you have one, and if not, what’s holding you back.

If you have questions on the topic and want to chat more about this you can always find me in my Facebook group (just go ahead and post your questions to the wall) or you can book a free 30 min chat with me and we can go a little more in-depth to find the right system that works for you!

That’s all I have for you today my friends! I hope you have found it useful. Now you can get out, make your plans, and stay active!

Bye for now!

xoxo – Randi 

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