Are You Sabotaging Your Own Health?

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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Health?

This isn’t an easy topic and I know no one really likes to admit it, but we all have some bad habits that NEED to be talked about! We can often be our own worst enemies and the reasoning isn’t always very clear. That is best to discuss with your therapist! I can however help point out some of these behaviors to point you in the right direction.

This week I want to talk about some of the most common self-sabotaging behaviors. The first step to making a change is to do a little self-reflection, and be very honest with yourself. These behaviors are common and most often are simply the product of never having had it pointed out before. Remember that you are in control of your own life and health!

So which resonates most with you?

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Do you wait until…

Admit it, you have said this at least once!

This is the most commonly made excuse when it comes to our health. Always putting off the things we know we need to do… waiting until…
Until Monday, until after the holidays, until the new year, until……
Waiting until will never get you anywhere and it is unlikely there is ever going to be a perfect time.

Think of where you could be today if you started the first time you said you would wait until.

Do you wait for someone else to do something with you?

I will admit that it is a lot more fun and engaging to workout with a friend, but as I get older and my friends get busy, I’ve had to realize that there isn’t always going to be someone else around to go with. Instead of ALWAYS waiting, I suggest starting by yourself if need be, and enjoy the times when your friends can come along as well.

Of course, if you really prefer to have someone to workout with… We should chat!

Are you a perfectionist

Perfectionism has no place in personal development and self-growth! Let’s just get that clear right now! You are forever going to be a work in progress and rarely is it ever going to go perfectly!

The wish to do something perfectly comes from another dreaded sabotaging behavior…


You can’t judge your journey, by the progress someone else is making on theirs! Workouts and fitness journeys, as shown on social media, are fake and edited, and only the best moments. There are few people out there showing the more functional, realistic side of exercise (though I am trying to change that). Don’t wish to be where they are, just start working towards it!

Do you tell yourself you can’t?

Be careful about doing that… it has a habit of becoming true. When you believe yourself unable, you will rarely do the work you need to prove yourself wrong. Stop telling yourself that you can’t and start working towards being able to. Take small steps forward and though it might be slow, you will get there.

Are you off balance?

A balanced lifestyle evenly combines the things that keep us healthy (like veggies and exercise) and the things that make us happy (like candy and binge-watching Netflix). Note that I don’t refer to these things as bad or unhealthy, because they are not when enjoyed in moderation! One bad meal or one missed workout is certainly not going to throw off all your progress, but a cycle of eating SO healthy, or not getting enough nourishment, and exercising all the time, to turn around and eat a tub of ice cream and doing nothing at all isn’t good balance.

Do you feel like you never have the time!

I get it, life gets busy and hectic, but feeling like you never have enough time is the product of either not wanting to make time, or not understanding how much time you really need.

To stay healthy you need on average 60 mins of physical activity a day. That does not mean an hour-long workout all to be done at once. It can be a walk in the morning, and a short workout later. it can be a nice long hike. it can be a round of tennis with a friend. It can be whatever you want it to be.

This is just a starting point on some of the more common behaviors that I have seen in people who badly want to feel better, stronger, and have more energy. By simply changing how much activity you get in a day, you will change the way you feel from head to toe! So with all that to think about, I am going to leave you with two quick notes.

A bad habit can be turned into good.

You are not doomed to sabotaging yourself forever if you can acknowledge the issue and make the change. Set your Goal, Make a Plan, and See A Change!

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Your health journey is personal to you, but that doesn’t have to mean that you have to go it alone. I am here to support you through the process!
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