So you want to start working out at home?

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So you want to start working out at home?

There are a lot more people moving their workouts to the home space these days so I thought that I would take this opportunity to share a few tips to make your new endeavor a success.

Working out at home can have so many benefits! No travel time, no need to dress up or waste gas. you get to shower right after alone in your own bathroom! That’s my favorite perk for sure! Working out at home can be easy and convenient…

But sometimes it can be a little difficult and stressful. Issues such as lack of space, lack of equipment, and many family members or pets underfoot can make it a struggle. I get it!

So here are my 8 tips for working out at home.

Set your goal and have a plan to follow

Don’t just scroll through youtube picking videos at random every day. It’s not effective and it’s not going to keep you moving forward. Set your SMART goal and decide exactly what you want out of your workout. Find a plan to follow that will keep you engaged and motivated to move forward.

Find a workout that you enjoy

Working out doesn’t have to be a boring chore that you put yourself through. It SHOULD be something that you enjoy and look forward to. It should be something that makes you smile and keeps you challenged. You should finish feeling good, not just excited to be done.

There are so many different styles of exercise that you can do at home and without equipment. Yoga, Pilates, and Barre can all be done on the floor or with a chair. You can workout sit, standing our laying down. You can dance and get creative or push yourself with a fast-paced HITT Session.

My workouts are a slow and relaxing combination of low impact, traditional fitness, pilates yoga, and barre. They are short and designed to get your workout in so that you can get back to life!

Equipment can be fun – but is not necessary!

So yeah, there are a lot of different options if you don’t want to invest in any kind of equipment, but if you do decide to switch it up a bit, there are a few rather inexpensive and easy to use options.

Hand Weights – inexpensive, versatile, and easy to store in a small space

Resistance bands – So many different options, inexpensive, versatile, and super easy to store. They are also easy to take to work and on vacation!

Bosu Ball – Little bit more costly, but a lot of fun! Challenges balance and stability and can be used to work the whole body. A little bit harder to store… probably not going to travel with it.

Yoga (Stability) Ball – Also a lot of fun to use. can come in many different sizes and be used in so many different ways! Their prices vary and they are not always very easy to store

I actually did a whole training plan on how to use these four at home equipment options! Check it out!

Set your boundaries

I know this is easier said than done (especially with kids) but you have to set boundaries around your time and your space. When you are working out you are doing it for your overall well-being and your family should accept that!

Set aside some space for yourself

Even with your boundaries set try of course to choose a time and space that moves you away from the busier spaces. I have a corner in my living room that is out of the way to store my mat and other equipment. And I work out early before anyone else is up and moving.

You might feel pretty squished up if you live in a smaller space but please know that an awesome workout can be done

–> On your bed

–> Sitting in a chair

and when all else fails, take yourself outside! A playground can be an awesome place to get a fun full-body workout!

Make it part of your daily routine.

One of the things I like best about working out at home is that I can easily get in a shorter workout more often, rather than having to dedicate a full hour or more to get a good workout 3 times a week.

And if even that doesn’t work, you can start mixing it into your day. Squats while you brush your teeth, bridges while you reading your emails. It doesn’t all have to be done at once to be effective.

Track your progress

My favorite way to stay accountable is by tracking my progress in my Bullet Journal. Marking down the days/types of workouts makes me want to keep going, keep filling in the calendar. I can see my progression in what I am able to do.

Personally I prefer the nonscale victories… but of course, you can track weight and visual progress as well. Whatever it is that you are working towards, write it down, and watch yourself move forward!

Work with a Professional

You might have thought that this idea went out the window when you decided to stay home, but we live in the age of technology!

I am a virtual personal trainer, and I connect with my clients through video calls and text to help them stay on track and stay motivated. Virtual training sessions are a little like watching a workout video, but you can ask questions and I can still correct your posture and form!

If you want to stay home and get active – work with me! Check out my Coaching Page or Book a FREE Consult Call here!

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