Start Working Out With Confidence

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Start Working Out With Confidence

Be honest now… how many new fitness plans, diets and routines have you tried over the years, that you were really excited about, but they didn’t seem to stick?  

I think that overall we can put 50% of the reason for failure onto the plan itself. Maybe it was a bit too generic and not right for you. It’s not what you really needed, didn’t keep you accountable or didn’t keep you motivated or some combination of all three. 

But that other 50% of blame has to fall back on you. You might have too much on your plate, not enough confidence or not enough knowledge to really commit yourself to the plan the way you need to. It’s not your “fault” you just need to be better prepared so that your next workout plan is a success.  

When I work with a new client, I not only set them up with a workout plans that fits their goals, needs and lifestyle but I also help them start developing a few good habits that will help make this lifestyle change smooth and comfortable! 

10 Habits to kickstart your new fitness routine with confidence 

Know you why!  

Why do you want to start this new workout routine? Why are you working out at all? What is it that you want out of all this effort that you are putting in? 

Answer these questions with full detailed answers. Something more then because I want to be in shape, or because you feel you should loose weight. Think about what kind of shape you want to be in, what you want to be able to do. How you want to feel! Base these points on something you really care about. For example, I want to build strength to be able to play with my kids and not feel tired. Or I want to be in such good shape that I could race my husband up the mountain next time he wants to go hiking. 

Set SMART goals 

Once you know why you are doing it, it is best to turn it into a SMART goal! This stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Which means that you want to figure out exactly what you want to do, how much you are going to do, how and where you are going to do it. Decide whether you really, physically and mentally are capable of doing it, and then put a dead line on it all to check in at. This might look something like: 

I will build strength by doing 20 mins of body weight exercise at home, and walk for 20 mins around the block, every day for the next month. I will do these in the middle of the day after lunch before my husband comes home. 

It answers all the questions above, and demonstrates a clear plan. At the end of that month, decide if the goal was right for you, record how you are feeling, and adjust accordingly

Create an evening routine that sets you up for success 

Before you go to bed at night, set yourself up for a good day tomorrow. Set your workout stuff out and ready to go. Clothes, shoes, water bottle, headphones and workout plan. Make sure that you have a good breakfast and lunch plan ready so that you’re not snacking away and less optimal options. Maybe even fill an extra water bottle and keep in cold so its ready to go! Do whatever you need to do to make tomorrow easier! Future you will be so thankful! 

Develop a morning routine that puts you at peace 

Since all your stuff is ready to go because you were planning ahead the night before, (Thanks last night me!) you can plan for a morning at peace. When we start our day feeling rushed and stressed we are setting ourselves up to hold on to that feeling all day long! So don’t pick up your cell phone first thing, just turn on the coffee and do something that makes you happy! 

If you are the type of person that can workout first thing in the morning I highly suggest it! The extra movement gives you a better boost in energy than the coffee will, and it helps to ensure that the day won’t get away from you, leaving you with too many excuses.

If you do not have the energy first thing in the morning try for more gentle movements. Yoga, or a short walk can help give you that boost of endorphins and get your blood pumping. If you need something a little quieter still, pick up a good book or write in your journal. Just try to save the scrolling for later! 

Pick a time that works for you – and put it in the books 

Don’t get stuck in the trap of feeling like you have to exercise at a certain time. Exercising at different times of the day all have their benefits, but really its all about making the routine work for you. If you can do mornings, neat, if not, try for your lunch break, still too busy? Work out after work. Whatever time you choose though, put it into your planner, calendar, or notebook as an appointment that can’t be canceled. If you’d rather not have to make time later to go to the doctors, try to make some time now to take care of your health! 

Just think of it this way. Every bit of time that you are putting in now is an investment, getting added on to the quality of life that you will have later! 

Always have a plan ahead of time 

Whatever type of plan you are using, whether you’re into body weight workouts at home, or you prefer to hit the gym, have a plan ready ahead of time. Don’t walk in planning to wing it. You will waste your own time, and probably not get an effective workout. 

Make sure that it is a plan that really works for you. Targeting the muscles and areas that you need, giving you enough of a challenge, without leaving you unable to move the next day. This will ensure that you are seeing results, staying motivated and using your time and energy wisely. 

Track your success 

One of the most motivating things is seeing how far you have come! When you realize that you are doing more, lifting heavier, and running faster than you did before you will feel a renewed sense of accomplishment that can fuel you until your next win! Tracking your progress is the best way to see this in physical form. 

What you track and how you track it is up to you, and depending on what your goals are. A lot of people think first to tracking weight, but I often try to advise against making that a sole marker of success. Weight is very dependent on a lot of factors that you might not be in control of, can be slow to show progress, can fluctuate with time, water, hormones etc. Also, and I see this happen often, you can be loosing fat and gaining muscle at a similar speed, which can make the number on the scale stay the same, while your body is changing drastically. 

If weight loss is the goal, try taking measurements around your hips, thighs, belly, and biceps for a more accurate idea of how your body is changing. But weight loss isn’t the only goal! Maybe you want to track how much you lift, or how fast/far you ran. Whatever you goal, right it down and record the journey. 

Celebrate every win 

Why are you doing this all if not to feel good? To accomplish something that you can be proud of? Celebrate all the wins and have fun with it! Treat yourself when you hit a new personal best. Do a little dance when you make it to the end of your run! Write it down and then circle it 15 times and add 5 gold star stickers around it when you reach that new goal! Tell your partner, your kids, your best friend and your mother. Post it on instagram and facebook and any other social media avenue where you can get people to listen to you. Tell the world and be proud of yourself! 

Don’t let food trip you up! 

Hands down the one thing that people feel is holding them back on their mission to live a healthy life… food. 

Why is it becoming such a stress point for all of us? Because it is too darn confusing! One minute we’re told to eat eggs, but then not the yolks, then none at all, then they are good again. Bread might be trying to kill us but its hard to tell whether it’s the gluten or the carbs. There is good fat and bad fat and who knows what mixed in to everything. The list of contradictory nutritional information is way too long for me to list is all. This is because of two main reasons. 

Nutritional science is very difficult to study because there are so many variables. There are so many different types of foods, and brands and modifications made, AND everyone is unique in the way that food effects them. There is simply no way to say that one particular diet will work for all the people. 

So don’t let food trip you up. Focus your attention on ensuring that you are eating what makes you feel good. Get as much possible fruits and veggies. If you eat carbs and fats, choose foods that are not overly processed, (choose whole grain over bleached white). Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. Stay mindful of your habits (eating when you’re bored or upset) and be kind to yourself. If it’s still a bother for you, get some help from a professional. 

Do something that you enjoy 

Last but not least the best way that you can ensure that a workout plan is going to be the right one for you, is you have to make sure that it is something that you enjoy!! If you HATE running, don’t choose a plan that requires you to run a bunch. Seems obvious but a lot of the time we tend to go with whatever the latest fad is, or we get talked into something by overly pushy friends and salesmen! 

I always start a first phone call with a potential new client by asking them what they like to do. There are so many different options out there, that there is going to be something for everyone. Understand that sometimes to create change you might have to step outside of your comfort zone, but that can usually be done gradually. You don’t have to leap in head first… unless you’re taking up diving! 

So what is it that you like? What do you want to do? How do you want to feel. Start your new workout plan feeling sure that it is right for you, and you will be able to stick to it, make it part of your daily life and finally get off of that roller coaster! 

Stay Active, Stay Healthy 

Randi Pullar 

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