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Hey there, my Name is Randi Pullar and I am a Virtual Movement Coach! I help folks living with Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Limited Mobility Stay Active from the comfort of their own homes!  I specialize in creating personalized programs with adaptions and modifications to help you stay active in a way that is comfortable for your body! 

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Living with chronic back pain became my excuse for not engaging in proper exercise. Meeting Randi changed everything. Working one on one with her has increased my strength, improved my sleep and increased my appetite. The added bonus? My confidence has improved AND my pain and mobility has greatly improved. I am so grateful!!
Randi has been an amazing inspiration and instructor for me and my husband as we started getting back into fitness. It’s hard to make time with a toddler underfoot and two busy work schedules, but Randi’s flexibility and positive attitude made it possible for us. I am so appreciative of the positive impact she has made on our whole family, helping us get active and stronger together. I have seen benefits in my strength, endurance and fitness with her workouts tailored to my specific needs and goals. Thank you Randi!! I would recommend her to anyone needing a gentle or modified approach to fitness, while still getting great results.
LOVED working with Randi! She made me a month challenge that has workouts involving my 5 month old and she was available when I got confused! I love how I'm feeling! Can't wait to work more with Randi!